Law Offices of Randall M. Widmann

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Mr. Widmann retired as a trial attorney after 47 years in practice.

He started his own practice directly out of law school. The day after he was admitted to the California State Bar, he was in court representing an indigent woman seeking payment of unpaid support. Mr. Widmann obtained a judgment for the full amount of the arrearages. He did not charge for his services.

In Mr. Widmann's first jury trial, he was suing a Fortune 100 company on behalf of two employees/inventors. The company was represented by a large and prestigious San Francisco law firm. After three days of trial, the company fired its lead trial attorney and brought in a former New York District Attorney to represent it. The jury returned a verdict in Mr. Widmann's clients' favor of over $2,550,000.

Mr. Widmann's practice was focused almost entirely on employment law. He represented employees from top to bottom in the corporate chain, including founders and Chief Executive Officers. He brought suit on behalf of his clients against hundreds of major companies in California. Mr. Widmann's opposition was typically presented by the largest defense firms in the nation.

Mr. Widmann is the attorney of record in several leading employment appellate decisions in California for he always followed what his father, a career WWII Navy pilot, taught him - 'Never Quit.'

Mr. Widmann was proud of the fact that most of his clients are referred to him by opposing counsel, former clients and even judges. He was AV rated by his peers in California, meaning that he meets and practices the highest professional standards of attorneys.

Aside from his expertise in employment matters, Mr. Widmann successfully represented clients in areas like products liability, wrongful death, business disputes and real estate litigation.